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Chair (interim)

Dr. Irina Jahn brings with her experience attained over more than 22 years in the medical field.


She was born in Bogotá, Colombia and from an early age she decided she wanted to become a doctor.


She was awarded a scholarship to study medicine in the Soviet Union and trained at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. She moved to Copenhagen once she concluded her studies and after gaining permanent authorization from the Danish board of health she worked for a while in hospitals in Copenhagen. She later relocated to Kyiv, Ukraine and was appointed as the doctor of confidence of several diplomatic missions as well as the United Nations. She is fluent in Spanish, Russian, Danish and English


Dr Jahn is an active member of the Kyiv Lions Club (KLC) and was the chairman of the donations committee from 2014-2016. She continues to serve in this committee which is responsible for selecting and overviewing the projects. She has also participated in the organization of fundraising events for the KLC which have raised and donated over 3 million dollars to projects in Ukraine involving children, handicapped, elderly and the donation of lifesaving medical equipment to hospitals.   


Having lived in Colombia and Ukraine for many years, Dr Jahn has first hand experience of the devastation armed conflict can cause to a country and the important role organizations like Conflict Recovery International, play not only in the clearance of explosive hazards, but in providing effective education to the population on safety around landmines and other remaining explosive remnants of war.

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