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It is estimated that there are 110 million active landmines in the world today. This means that there is one landmine for every 17 children; or one landmine for every 52 people.

Another 110 million landmines are stored ready for use. Landmines are found in over 70 countries. 2,000 people are involved in landmine accidents every month - one person every 20 minutes.

How The CRI Child Peace Puzzle Works / USD 5.00 Can Save One Family


According to the newly released statistics by the Landmine Monitor,  to date, there have been at least 3,747 mine/explosive remnants of war (ERW) casualties in Lebanon.

According to UNCHR, there are over 1.1 million "registered" refugees in Lebanon. It is unknown how many Syrian refugees live in Lebanon who are not registered. Without any formal income, the majority of the refugees and their children are forced to work for either food or a meager amount of money in order to feed their families.  

The areas that they work in are often known to be landmine or UXO contaminated but faced with starvation, there is no other option for these desperate families.  

Winter is the cruelest and most dangerous season for refugee workers. They continue to work in the agricultural areas. 

However, they are now more at risk as they can't see beneath the snow and they are now more at risk for stepping on a landmine or UXO  CRI know that they will continue to work. 

CRI endeavors keep every child and every family safe.

How The CRI Child Peace Puzzle Works / USD 5.00 Can Save One Family

The CRI Peace Puzzles teach children how to identify these and other explosive remnants of war by their key identifying features in an educational yet fun way that also makes a life-long impression.

The CRI Peace Puzzle not only educates children of the dangers of landmines, it shows them examples of national and local danger signs as well as also includes information as to whom to inform when they locate an item so that the munitions can be harmlessly disposed of.

Establishing and sustaining risk education initiatives for at-risk populations is particularly onerous and the threat of further injury or death to children residing in such communities is even more challenging.  By recognizing patterns of children’s behavior that increases their risk of being injured or killed by a landmine, CRI’s Peace Puzzle Kit makes a significant and unique impact in the lives of these children and their family members.

The outcome of CRI’s intervention is the development and dissemination of a simple, not costly but effective educational tool that reduces the risk of death and injury to children and their families who live in landmine, cluster bomb and other war and post conflict contaminated areas.

Mine Risk Education sessions are normally limited to one brief classroom or community session but often retention is temporary and the information does not spread to others in a family or community. Yet when a child receives his/her own CRI Peace Puzzle Kit to keep after a session, the child uses the puzzle to interact with his or her siblings, parents and other family members and helps educate them to the dangers and risks in the community.  

Through the CRI Peace Puzzle, the entire family has now become aware of the dangers of landmines and other remnants of war in their homes, communities and villages.


Their awareness increases each time they play with the CRI Peace Puzzle, thus increasing not diminishing retention of the life-saving information they have received.


CRI's Peace Puzzle risk education program provides increased risk education programming lesson retention for children through a visually compelling high-impact durable tool that incorporates child-specific learning processes in teaching the reality of how to deal with active landmines in places where children who live in war zones and post conflict areas are most at risk;

Reduce the risk of death and injury of children and adults through the distribution of the CRI Peace Puzzles in conjunction with a Risk Education program within At-Risk communities; and

Reduce the risk of negative social, psychological and economic effects on families and communities of children killed and injured by landmines and ERW by decreasing landmine/UXO accident rates for all children. This will be measured by a significant reduction in the number of child and adult casualties in the targeted intervention communities.

OF LANDMINES, UXOS AND THE OTHER REMNANTS OF WAR.                                                                 

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