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CRI fosters partnerships that engages and develops the capacity of national organizations in the delivery of effective and inclusive sustainable development aid solutions in areas affected by conflict or natural disaster:

Livelihood Development – CRI will focus upon providing skills to individuals affected by conflict and natural disaster that are needed to develop and manage small business opportunities. This would include agricultural livelihood development activities, including promotion of sustainable and organic agriculture, and cash crop systems.

Construction of Infrastructure – Construction of schools, hospitals/clinics, water and sanitation, and other community infrastructure. This promotes the recovery of basic social, cultural, and economic recovery of communities affected by conflict and disaster.

Community Liaison and Community Building – Developing partnerships with local communities to ensure communities are able lead their own development. CRI believes that communities and civil society must be empowered in order to determine their own recovery and development.

Other development aid activities - As required to ensure human security and that basic needs and quality of life are met.

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